The ​ceramic heating coil vs cotton coil


The ceramic coil is made of a special refined porous ceramic manufactured with countless tiny pores on the surface, which can make the temperature of the vape oil even during the heating process, enhance the atomization effect and make the taste better. The ceramic pore effect, including the artificial control of the pore size, will be a little more accurate than the natural cotton microporous will be.

Why so much emphasis on the atomization wick "hole"? Because we need this hole to guide the oil, to lock the oil.

Cotton oil guide effect is very good, but cotton has been unable to avoid a problem, which is the leakage of oil. With today's technology, this problem can not be 100% solved.

Why? Because the hole of the atomization wick is too small is easy to paste, and too big is easy to leak. As for the ceramic wick, people choose ceramic as very important for several reasons, first, it is high-temperature resistance; second, it has a relatively stable structure, relatively hard, and good molding; third, the ceramic itself has a lot of internal microporous. From the point of view of pores, people will have much better control over the ceramic wick microporous than cotton. I can tell you clearly that at present, under the same technology and the same difficulty. The probability of oil leakage of ceramic is smaller than that of cotton.

What is the advantage of the ceramic wick?

The consistency of ceramic wicks covers oil control, for oil leak prevention, including, as I mentioned earlier, pore size control. The consistency of ceramic is much higher than cotton.

what are the advantages of cotton?

The advantages of cotton are actually very many. Cotton wicks have a longer life span. Some cotton wicks can even smoke 20ml of tobacco oil without gluing the wick.

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