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Ceramic Heating Plates

GREENWAY® is a manufacturer and wholeseler of Ceramic heating plates in China. Alumina Ceramic Heating Plates for Hair Straightener in which metal tungsten or molybdenum manganese paste is printed on a ceramic casting body and laminated by hot pressing and then co-fired at 1600 deg C,in hydrogen atmosphere t co-sinter ceramic and metal.

Features of Mini Ceramic Heating Plates 
Compact / Light-Weight / Energy-Conserving
High watt density, good thermal efficiency
Laying of multiple heating elements per unit is available

The surface temperature of aluminum ceramic heating plates can reach 200 °C in seconds and 500 °C in 30 seconds, the max and steady temperature can be up to 600-800 °C which depends on the heat sink. Ceramic heater pass 60 minutes 'ON', 60 minutes 'OFF' for 1000 cycles life test at around 280 °C.
They are Perfect for scientific research in lab environment due to its small size, high power density, high temperature and excellent insulation.

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We are professional in manufacturing Ceramic Heating Plates GREENWAY is one of the Ceramic Heating Plates manufacturers and suppliers made in China. Our products can provide good service such as customization. If you want to know about our products, we can also provide samples. Welcome friends and customers at home and abroad to visit the factory. We have many products in stock, if you want to buy wholesale, you can contact us.