Heating Element For Dry Herbs
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Heating Element For Dry Herbs

If you interested in GRWAY® Heating Element For Dry Herbs products, please contact with us. We follow the quality of rest assured that the price of conscience, dedicated service.


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Product Description

Heating Element for Dry Herbs

GRWAY® Heating Element For Dry Herbs were developed based on ceramic lamination technologies, which are mainly used for automotive and various industrial applications such as soldering iron, kerosene & gas equipment, pellet burner and water heating.

Process of Heating Element For Dry Herbs

First, painting the high melting point metal (tungsten or molybdenum manganese) paste on to the Al2O3 casting briquette in coordinate to the circuit design, then another layer of sintering additives. After that, repeating the process to build multiple layers. Then, they are sintered together under 1600 °C hydrogen gas environment. Finally, nickel leads are brazed at 800 °C onto the metal end and put on with Teflon sleeve, which make it a MCH heating element.

Internal Heating elements are protected from oxidation due to sintering into one-piece ceramic body structure.

Parameter of Heating Element For Dry Herbs


The aluminum ceramic heaters are widely used in all kinds of applications nowadays, such as: intelligent bidet seat, electric water heater, medical machine, dryer, electric heating splint, electric iron, vacuum flask, electric cooker, electric bonder, capper, UTR cylinder condensation-proofer, IR physiotherapy equipment, intravenous injection heating, quick food heating, mini thermostatic bath for special crystal parts, automatic exhaust oxidation sensors, industrial equipment heater, and small heating appliance, etc.

Packing and Delivery

The suitable packing should be taken to avoid the breakage and contamination during the shipment.

Fast International Express Delivery such as DHL,TNT,FEDEX, UPS ect.

Handling and notice of using ceramic heater

①Don’t use ceramic heater on following conditions: quick heat up, quick cool down and uneven heat distribution. Because on the above conditions open circuit. cracking problems may happen. Please be careful of heat shock besides other situations that are not mentioned here such as incompletely contact with metal part that will also cause uneven heat distribution.

②Don’t put excess strength to Ni-wire and brazing area..If Ni wires were bent many times, power concentration points will become brittle. Crack even breakage may happen. If pulled Ni wires with excess power, brazing area will be peeled off.

③Don’t use the ceramic heater for medical, nuclear and aero purpose.

Our Advantage

1.Aluminum Ceramic Heating Element Factory

2.On-line Employees more than 150~200

3.Customization are welcome

4.Heater Month Capacity:550,000 piece

5.Quick Delivery time for already models:1-3 days

6.Free Heater elements Samples are available

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