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Oxygen Sensor Heating Element

GREENWAY® is a wholesaler and supplier of Oxygen Sensor Heating element that is suitable for use in Bosch, Denso, Delphi, NTK & NGK Oxygen Lambda Sensor, Oxygen sensors are designed to monitor the amount of oxygen that’s in the car’s exhaust stream, while ceramic heater plays an important role in the O2 sensor.

GREENWAY® produced and supplied both MCH aluminum oxygen sensor heating elements and zirconia planar shape oxygen sensor heating elements.

Compared with traditional oxygen sensor is made of alumina and inserts into a zirconia ceramic tube and commonly takes 20 seconds to activate.

New laminated planar oxygen sensor combined alumina and zirconia together, heater element was embedded in the zirconia substrate of the sensor element adopting alumina for the heater substrate material, solve the problem of low thermal conductivity of zirconia while guarantee the good heating. The new laminated planar oxygen sensor can be activated in 10 seconds after a cold start.

GREENWAY Oxygen sensor heating element applications:
1. Automobile Oxygen sensor
2. Motorcycle oxygen sensor
3. Customer-specific heating solutions

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Zirconia Plate Heater Chip for Oxygen Sensor

Zirconia Plate Heater Chip for Oxygen Sensor

High quality Zirconia Plate Heater Chip for Oxygen Sensor is offered by China manufacturer GRWAY®. Buy Zirconia Plate Heater Chip for Oxygen Sensor which is of high quality directly with low price.

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