Mini Ceramic Tube Heater
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Mini Ceramic Tube Heater

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Model:heating cup

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Product Description

Mini Ceramic Tube Heater

GRWAY® Mini Ceramic Tube Heater were developed based on ceramic lamination technologies, which are mainly used for automotive and various industrial applications such as soldering iron, kerosene & gas equipment, pellet burner and water heating.

Mini Ceramic Tube Heater have a number of advantages in comparison to conventional metallic heating elements. Owing to its low-density, ceramic material has a low heat capacity and therefore is well suited to handle temperatures up to 1 000°C with very little energy consumption. This extraordinary technology, which implements ceramic material able to conduct electricity uniformly sintered with an insulated ceramic housing, is able to deliver high performance consistently.

Highly resistant to wear and oxidation, these ceramics guarantee outstanding durability and long life as well.

Dimension limitation of Mini Ceramic Tube Heater

The peak temperature MCH Heater can reach

The heating temperature depends on:

Rated power:power is decided by resistance and voltage.

The higher voltage,the lower resistance it is,then the temperature will be higher.

Also depends on heating volume,the bigger dimension, the higher temperature

Our MCH ceramic heaters are co-fired in 1700 deg C, literally can be used up to  1600 deg C. But considering the actual working environment,we suggest not to use over 600degC.

When drying burning. However when used in water heating,can increase the power and temperature.

Performance and characteristics

1. Simple structure, shape, size and resistance power can be produced according to customer needs;

2. Thermal uniform consistency, high power density: 45 W/cm2;

3. heating up fast, temperature compensation fast;

500 W power started 20 s temperature up to 600℃; its component rated power start 10 s temperature can be up to 200℃;

What Is Good About A Ceramic Heater?

Cooler system: Ceramic heater is very quick to heat up. But, they are also quick to cool down in a few minutes. However, it does not take a long time to cool down like other types of heaters. Such As, radiant heater or infrared heater.

As a result, a ceramic heater is better for families with children or pets. It is also better for adults who forget and unknowingly touch an active heater.

Safe heating: Ceramic heater has built-in safety features in the form of heat resistance. It means once the polycrystalline ceramic heater reaches a certain temperature. It is thermistor resistance features come into play and prevent from ceramic heater taking more heat. It is output safe heat.

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